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Personal Savings Accounts

Guardian Bank savings accounts offer the earning power of great rates with low minimum balance requirements.

Savings Plans

Savings Account

The perfect way to save! With only a minimum of $50 to open the account, you'll earn interest while keeping your money safe and sound. The interest rate is announced when the account is open and is compounded and paid quarterly. There is a $5 quarterly fee should the balance fall below $250 at any point in the quarter and there is no service charge for customers under the age of 18. Federal banking regulations limit certain transactions to six per calendar month. However, an item fee of $3.00 will be charged for each withdrawal in excess of six per quarterly statement cycle.

Personal Money Market Account

Put your money to work! With higher interest rates on larger balances, why not? A deposit of only $50 is needed to open the account, and interest is earned on the daily balance and compounded monthly. The tiered rates are announced when the account is opened, and there is no monthly service charge if the balance is kept above $500. Should the balance fall below that amount, a $5 service charge is incurred. There are six free withdrawals per month, and each withdrawal over six is $5 per transaction.

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