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Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

The policy of Guardian Bank is to provide equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, sex, age (40 and above), national origin, disability status (where otherwise qualified), status as a disabled veteran, or status as a Vietnam Era Veteran. This policy will be practiced in hiring, placement, promotions, transfers, and other status changes, and in all matters concerning the treatment of our employees. While this policy is a recognized one of the Bank, the policy and any statements made in connection with it do not create any contracts of employment, either express or implied, nor do they create any legal rights or causes of action.

The Bank will maintain a working environment free of all forms of harassment and will fully comply with the spirit and intent of all related laws and regulations. Any incidents of harassment will be promptly and thoroughly investigated, and appropriate action will be taken.

To maintain a sound and competitive standing for the Bank and to ensure the security of jobs for all personnel, each position will be filled by an individual whose experience and employment record demonstrates that the employee is competent and among the best qualified of the candidate pool. The Bank will endeavor to treat all employees fairly and will provide them the opportunity to progress within the organization to the full extent of their capabilities as positions become available.

The management of Guardian Bank firmly believes that adhering to the concepts of equal employment opportunity is simply good business practice. As we proceed during the year, we will continue to conduct our business activities in a manner to insure that these concepts are being carried out.

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